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Formed in East Lansing, Michigan, United States in 1991, the duo of Lovesliescrushing consists of Scott Cortez (guitars) and Melissa Arpin-Duimstra (vocals).
They are an ambient/noise group that uses the shoegaze/dream pop sound as a starting point, but drop conventional song structures, and focus on highly textured and otherworldly soundscapes. Guitarist Scott Cortez's use of his guitar in conjunction with loop devices, e-bow, paint scrapers, forks, knives, vibrators, violin bows, etc. to create lush, swirling tones dissociated with guitar has caused critics/reviewers to mistake them for using keyboards. Their sound is typified by a signature lack of drums, glossolalia, dense billowing chordal clusters, massive sheets of whitenoise, delicate looped backwound figures implying abstract rhythms and ambient freeform instrumentals.
They have released eleven full-lengths to date, all recorded with a simple 4-track recorder. Chorus, and Crwth elided the guitar soundscaping for a more minimal approach, all tracks were completely a capella.
Lovesliescrushing is currently preparing for more live performances and mastering their latest album,

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