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Drop Nineteens - Winona

[Verse 1]
There's a gap in the twentieth century
And it fills the world with dreams
When you've got the looks then the rest just works
If that's what it's like...
Then hold on tight to the candy
Believe another record shop story that was born to die
It'll come on real
And we're losing time

Baby dice swingin' from a baby's hand
Too young to understand
All there is to know
To lose your soul

[Verse 2]
Alien crack down from planet car
Unhappy with their bag of stars
They search for the one
And then wrap her around the sun

They know who we are
Could be as fast as a day that outside your door
It all has changed evermore
It's why I've got to know the truth
Was it you who sang in Xanadu?

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