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My Bloody Valentine - To Here Knows When

Your fear
Your red button
Falls from my mouth
Your dress
Over your head
It's been so long
On top
Because that way
You touch her too
Your head
Come back again
To here knows when

"It's basically a guitar plugged straight into the SPX 90, the reverse reverb, and then when we printed that but basically it's a very soft sort of sound. The guitar sound, the bending thing, is one track and then I took that off tape and stuck that into a Marshall amp and then got that real growly kind of distorted sound by sending this sound off tape into a Marshall amp, recording that back and so that became the sound. For the low frequencies — there's no bass in that song — we used a BBC sound effects record and one of the things was a disaster in the distance and it's just the sound of rumbles, or maybe like a nuclear bomb going off and we just had that looped going constantly and then there's programmed drums and they're put through this TC unit, I forget what it's called, but it does dynamics and delay and it's just adds this weird sort of feel to it. A live tambourine. There are some other sounds in there and it's the sound of feedback that we made these little melodies with. We just spent weeks and weeks just making loads of feedback and then I'd listen back to it and all the nice bits I'd kind of sample. I did this so much over the years, you know sample feedback and then instead of having a tone on a keyboard you have a tone that bends slightly and then you play it like a keyboard, treat it like a keyboard sound, you know, and just make little melodies based on little twists in the sample." -- Kevin Shields

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