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LSD and the Search for God - Starting Over

When I was a young girl
When I was younger
I met a boy like you

We fought like enemy
When I don't move my face
When I thought I’d make it pain free

That's when I nothing in your madness
You thought I was crazy
In seven different ways
No I'm never crazy for you
You’re the monster in my life
Hurry up I'm leaving
With one foot in the grave
One foot in the grave what were you thinking

Be careful what you wish for
Cause it might come true
These wise words you once said
It only takes a moment
To fall in love again

If you like your pop hooks slow-cooked in shoegaze-gravy, have we got the song for you. LSD and the Search for God are as enigmatic as their name, which gives “Starting Over” and their eponymous EP a mystique reserved for the rarest of grimoires. Best enjoyed with headphones securely fastened, “Starting Over” invites you to get lost—and found—inside yourself.

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