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Sweet Trip was a glitch pop and experimental rock band from San Francisco, consisting of Roberto Burgos and Valerie Cooper. Roberto met former band member Viet Le at a high school talent show sign up and the two went on to form the band in 1993. Past members include Valerie Cooper (guitar and vocals, 1993-2022), Viet Le (drums and bass, 1993-2000), Aaron Porter (bass, 1998-2003), and Rob Uytingco (drums, 2000-03). The band is known well for their fusion of shoegaze, idm, electronica, ambient and indie pop. The band has released four critically acclaimed albums on Darla Records, including their landmark LP "Velocity : Design : Comfort" released in 2003, which has been regarded as one of the best shoegaze albums of the 2000s. Released nearly four years after its predecessor Halica, the album showcased the band's powerful live sound better than any of their previous recordings. Guest musicians Aaron Porter and Sue Mee added new perspectives to the band's sophomore album . After being on hiatus for nearly a full decade, Sweet Trip reconvened in 2020 to announce their first album in 12 years, 'A Tiny House, In Secret Speeches, Polar Equals', which was released on May 28th, 2021. In January of 2022, Cooper announced her departure from the then-duo due to personal reasons via the official Sweet Trip Instagram. Two months later, Darla Records released the compilation album 'Seen/Unseen', having been compiled together prior to Cooper's departure, and formally announced Sweet Trip's disbandment.

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