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LSD and the Search for God hit the Northern California coast in 2005–seemingly from another space and time–dosing San Francisco’s underground psychedelic music community with hypnotic live shows built upon swirling guitars, otherworldly drones, fuzzed-out pop hooks, and youthfully flirtatious male/female vocals.

After one of their first gigs (with Australia's The Morning After Girls), LSD was asked by Kurt Heasley to play with Lilys. Shortly after, they were invited on two separate West Coast tours: first with Spectrum (featuring Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3) and then with The Telescopes (on their first-ever U.S. tour).

In 2007 LSD's self-titled debut EP (Mind Expansion) sold out from the record label and distributor before the official release date. It was subsequently picked up and reissued on vinyl (Deep Space Recordings, 2008). Around this time, LSD was also featured on three compilations: Mind Expansion Vol. 1, M.E. Vol. 2, and "Take Me on the Wildest Spree," a “nugazer” compilation released by Australia's Rubber Records (a division of EMI).

The momentum from their early shows and sold-out EP paved the way for a busy three three years of West Coast shows, a U.S. tour, and a handful of festival dates as LSD shared the bill with the likes of Dead Meadow, Martin Rev (of Suicide), and DJs Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre), Nick Jago (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), and Colm O'Coissoig (My Bloody Valentine).

In the early hours of December 21, 2010, LSD were bio-holographically informed that humanity was exactly two years away from a near-spontaneous metamorphosis into a more highly evolved state of consciousness. To prepare, LSD went underground the very next day to explore new sonic frontiers while committing to a two-year vow of virtual silence by ending all non-essential communication.

As the hibernation comes to an end, it also marks a new beginning. Expect updates soon on a busy 2013 that will include shows, travels, and new releases to celebrate our collective arrival, offer psychic healing, and help facilitate a smooth transition to our new dimension.

–Mind Expansion, 2012

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