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This tag incorporates bands or artists who are Polish, regardless of the genre.

Artists from Poland, whether famous composers like Chopin or Penderecki, or traditional, regional folk musicians, create lively and diverse music. Because of this, Polish music has its own sub-genres, such as poezja śpiewana and disco polo.

As of 2006, Poland is one of the few countries in Europe where rock and hip-hop dominate over pop music. All kinds of other alternative music genres are encouraged as well; e.g., Dance, Electronic, and Trance, are popular throughout Poland. Poland has a very active underground, extreme metal music scene. Some of the bands which have heralded and helped this cause are Vader, Behemoth, Yattering, Decapitated, Indukti, Hate, and Lux Occulta. Empire Records is one of the biggest death metal record labels in Poland. .

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