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ScHoolboy Q - Numb Numb Juice

Two-door coupe, hoppin' out like Jack-in-the-Box, nigga
I'm gon' shoot if this 30's all that I got, nigga

[Verse 1]
Time's up
Got my coins up, my bars up, soon we find 'em
We gon' slide 'em, we lined 'em, straight reclined 'em
Pistol grip, I got all kinds of, I'm not your driver
Shot gon' hit him, he won't answer, I'm blowin’ ganja
So much work, they call me old school, I remind ya
That bitch you think you got is not you, where you find her?
She a kickstand, a big fan, I get behind her
Then I slid it in, I win, I win, ayy

I mean that's bitch shit
Faking like you got it in your pockets, yeah, that's bitch shit
Talking to them hoes, you steady gossip, yeah, that's bitch shit
Telling on your mans so you can scram, yeah, that's bitch shit
Pull it out and acting like it jam, yeah, that's bitch shit
Hating on another nigga come-up, yeah, that's bitch shit
Staying in because you know it's summer, yeah that's bitch shit
You a bitch boy, on my mama, uh

[Verse 2]
Okay, let's get it, bitch, let's get it, woo
Got a plan, we gon' kill his man
The gun won't jam, it's on on sight
I might get life, that's on my life
The .44 fire, the goal green light
To build that price, it filled up nice
The god won't die
Okay, let's get it, bitch, let's get it, woo
See no flaws, in my purest form, bitch, I'm greedy, uh
Goyard tags, filled with hella cash, this my gimme bag
Zeroes add, we don't do no class, nigga, nine subtract, ayy

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