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ScHoolboy Q - CrasH

Uh, go
Uh, go

Too many M's to make (To make)
Too many rules to break (To break)
Too many fightin' that case (That case)
I gotta find my way (My way)
Daughter need new shoes (Shoes)
If I lose, she lose (Lose)
And I ain't gettin' used to losses

[Verse 1]
Days like this, I wish all my locs was unchained (Chained)
I mastered the rap game (Game), I mastered the dope game (Game)
Still I feel like that I'm God-like on these long flights
I'm left behind, it don't feel right
Can't write the script when this real life
Rich, still dodgin' that bus ride
From the west side where don't shit slide, we on trip time
Seen the field in their lies (Their lies)
Can't be serious with no rappers (No rappers)
Stayed down and what happened? (What happened?)
Got my daughter that mansion (That mansion)
Gave my mother that million (Million)
Sold my soul to my feelings (My feelings)
Can't go blind 'bout these women (No)

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