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Isaiah Rashad - Park

... could hear this
Damn, I wish Guwop could hear this
Damn, I wish Guwop could hear this (Hey, ha)
Damn, I wish Guwop could—Damn, I wish Guwop could

Mama, I knew I was 'bout it
Way before venue was crowded
Way before Kevin pulled up with that Reverend
I told him to level
Go fuck on the feelings; don't nut on her face
Trust me, I feel like the man
Trust me, I feel like the Wop, rock (Fuck am I—yeah)
You can depend on the stock, watch
Bitch, I got ten in the pot, crock
All of my limits could die, all of y'all niggas
All of my limits could die (All of my limits)
Look at you, timid as fuck, and you holding me up
And I'm trying to be Nicki Minaj (Yeah)
Rich as a bitch in the drop, rich as a bitch (Yeah)
Rich as my bitch on the side
Ho, I got more than you know
Ho, I got ... Look, watch (Fuck is my ...)
Spill out your soul in the closet, don't question your passion
We flipped that reefer 'cause we couldn't be ashing
They got me so high that I look like I'm passing
Bitch, don't you know who you asking?
Bitch, have you tutored the pastor?
I know the root and the master
I know the coupe was a casket
I had that bitch looking like all the shit that I write
And that shit was so good that I passed it
Bust that shit straight out the plastic (Yeah, yeah)
Bitch, I ain’t good; bitch, I’m crafty (Yeah, yeah)
I wanna piss on a rapper
I just got hookers and Pampers
Niggas line up when I practice (Awwww, yeah)
I’m not a savage, I don’t do shit just to do it
This going precise as we planned it (Awwww, yeah)
I'm just a bandit; plus, I'm as sharp as a tack
Or a guillotine right at your family (Whoa)
Keep it so candid, knock you like sheets and some candy
You down for this shit? Are you Brandy?
Find a mechanic, tell 'em I pay 'em in fabric
3500 in traffic

“Park” was offered via soundcloud on August 27th, tweeted out by Isaiah. It became another cog in the album roll out process, with blogs and news sites picking up on it immediately. In an interview he revealed that he has filmed the video for the track, and is waiting to release it. He shouts out Nicki Minaj during the first verse, and again raps about overcoming adversity and reaching his full potential.

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