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Formed back in ‘95 by Rodriguez Cohonez and Didez El Vaginal Conquestadore in Germany, Libido Airbag describe their style as being “Industrial techno porn grind”… Er… That really is all about that! Not really techno, not really grind too, that’s all about the porn industrial, for sure, but with a fuckin’ metal approach of the thing!

The band first releases two demos (’95 / ‘96) before being noticed by Stuhlgang records which would release their debut, untitled 7″ EP in ‘98, soon followed by their debut full-length, “Knee deep in her pussy”, released the following year by Machismo productions.

The new millennium starts with another 7″ EP released by Stuhlgang the “Rosebud rhapsody” that Bones Brigade records would pick up and release as a split MCD with fellow country-and-pervs-men of Cock And Ball Torture: two extremes, one addiction: pussy!

The following album, “Barrel blow job” was released on ‘01, still by Stuhlgang, while Autopsy Stench released their latest stuff to date the “Miss melanoma” MCD.

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