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Nunwhore Commando 666 (often abbreviated NWC666) was founded in 1995 by musicians of Gut, Libido Airbag, and Nyctophobic. They quickly wrote 7 songs and recorded most of them, but due to laziness the stuff was never released. Instead. only a few live shows were done. In June 2001 they reconvened, choose both older material and newer songs, and finished the recordings. This debut Maxi-CD was released (also as a 7" EP) by STUHLGANG Records.

They have been influenced by bands like Gore Beyond Necropsy, Catasexual Urge Motivation, Gut, Blasphemy, Mortician and other heroes of the "very hard direction." They describe their music style as "Electronic Pumpgun Grind", which is a fairly fitting description.

Nunwhore Commando 666 members:
- Demon-Lord Sarcofuck 666 (Vocals, Beat Programming)
- Cuntshredding Electro Jesus (Guitars, Programming/Effects, Media)
- Pumpgun Messiah (Bass Guitars, Beat Programming)

It should be noted that there is no drummer. This is partly because of simply not wanting to lug around a cumbersome instrument such as an acoustic drumset, and lack of interest in the "boring sound" of a normal drumkit. Electrojesus also writes music for other digital music projects.

Although the beginnings were difficult, the underground music scene detected the band after its first release, and there was some demand for more material. They had written more songs, and the time was right for a full-length album. That album was "Home Sweet Home" which includes 17 tracks. The release of the CD and Vinyl LP took a year and a half to finish, and their current label gave the master recordings to another label to be released.

Autopsy Stench Records released "Home Sweet Home" in Spring 2004. Both during and after the release, the band continued to create new material. Some of this material would be released on a split CD with Gore Beyond Necropsy (Killapornia Dreamz, released in Australia) and a Maxi-CD including a video track (World Wide War, released in Japan). These were released in Spring 2006, and are available at the band's website.

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