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Pornogrind is a subgenre of goregrind. The most obvious trait that separates pornogrind from other grind metal styings is the extremely graphic and offensive sexual subject matter, which may also feature gore-related subject matters. Some pornogrind songs have a "preview" of sorts, which is almost always spoken dialogue that can last for any period of time. Like just about all grind genres, song tend to be on the short side, rarely lasting over 2-3 minutes.

Pornogrind and goregrind can be sometimes confused because of the use of pitch-shifters in both genres. Pornogrind mainly features very low, pitch-shifted vocals, but it occasionally can have ridiculously high screeching vocals as well. Also, while goregrind's musical qualities tend to be extremely noisy, blisteringly fast, and absurdly chaotic, pornogrind's musical qualities tend to be slower, and with more of a groove. The German band GUT are considered the fathers of pornogrind. .

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