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Anal Penetration started in the end of ‘00 out of the ashes of a obscure grind / death band that was rotting away the cellars of the legendary Dynamo club in Eindhoven (NL) since 1998. The first AP recordings were very primitive grind punk death with programmed drums blasting through. In 2003, Last house On The Right records picked up some demo and started to release some split CDs for dirty minds only. So the deal resulted in the appalling first full length in ‘07, “Spray for Jesus”. I Hate Humanity records then released a split CD with Belgium’s Punished Earth.

There are plans to do the Anal Bros. European tour (march / april 2009) with Anal Whore (changing place after every song with sick background videos to watch if you are bored by watching these sexy guys). But plans also includes a split EP with 2 Minute Dreka, a split CD with Phlegm Thrower, Impotence Trichomonad and Haemorrhage and, last but certainly not least, the Bones Brigade release: a split EP with French legends Gronibard to see the light of the day on the first half of ‘09.

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