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Foals - Exits

[Verse 1]
Now the sea eats the sky
But they say it's a lie
There's no birds left to fly
We'll hide out
Oh, the weather's against us
Houses underground
The flowers upside down
In our dreams
In the eye of the storm
The land where you were born
Try to make no sound
We hide out
'Cause they watch us in sleep
The language that we speak
And the secrets that we keep

In our dreams, in our dreams, in our dreams
In our dreams, in our dreams, in our dreams

[Chorus 1]
I said I'm so sorry
To have kept you waiting around
I wish I could've come up
I could've shouted out loud
They got exits covered
All the exits underground
I wish I could figure it out
But the world's upside down
In a world upside down

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