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slayyyter - Butterflies...

[Verse 1]
Crystal blue in my head
Butterflies, now all dead
Tears for you, crack the whip
Heart in two (Heart in two), in your bed

[Verse 2]
Candy hearts in my eyes
You brought me back to life
Star crossed love in the nighttime
Then you pushed me aside again (Ow!)
I feel sick 'bout the things you put me through
Once again I'm not holdin' out for you
I won't watch, now your life is invisible
What the fuck ever made you so miserable?

Are you scared? Do you think we're friends?
Are you runnin' that mouth, makin' shit up again?
Do you think you're cool? Do you think I care?
Do you think your lifе is just so unfair?

“Butterflies…” is an interlude by by American singer-songwriter Slayyyter. It is the fifth track on her debut album "Troubled Paradise". The track title first leaked on August 2020 along with the rest of the album’s tracklist. It was later revealed on iTunes on January 21, 2021. This is also a transition between the hip-hop songs in the album, and transferring into the pop genre.