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There is no music that fits so perfectly to your summer feeling like the music of Zofka! The sound of their songs is new and fresh, futuristic and retro at the same time, a wonderful melange of Downbeat Chanson, Electropop, NuJazz and Chill Out some sort of NuChanson. Zofkas remarkable art is to make electronic music sound warm, expressive and full of emotions. The music of Zofka reminds you of a charming trip to the south coast of France, the Côte DAzur. This is Zofka: An elegant and unique melange of french chanson and musette, electronic beats and pop-elements married with the remarkable and sublime soul-voice of the vocalist Myriam Russo combined to form a rare and exquisite musical delight. Get charmed!

Myriam Russo is the poet and singer of the band. This lady is a fabulous and unique singer! She has combined in her voice the entire female sensuality with a touch of earthy power. When she sings, men and women are completely devoted and touched from top to toe. Her vocal talent has been appreciated by many artists that have had the opportunity to work with her, so for instance the genious Godfather of Dub, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. Myriam Russo’s performance is a thrill, is poetry, is sensuality! You get completely charmed while you watch and listen.

Michael Ricar is the head of Zofka and the master of sounds and melodies. His remarkable talent is to create those retro-future songs that stick in your head. Once you’ve listened to them, they shall accompany you for a long long time! And for all theremin-vox-addicteds: that’s what he plays, too, on stage!

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