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wiki - Grim (feat. Lil Ugly Mane and Denzel Curry)

[Chorus: Wiki]
Once this advance hit, take a 30 grand hit
Bank account damaged, I'mma get some jewels
Ain't no sense in savin', rent to be paid in
But ain't no way to sense it once you end up gettin' screwed
Thinkin' you the one, you gon' end up done
When that Grim Reaper come, could be chillin' by the pool
Ain't nowhere to run, man, the sun comin' up, and
You ain't gonna be around to see it when it's full

[Verse 1: Wiki]
Death don't got no mercy, got you talkin' murky
When you poppin' Perkies, she pop her pussy
She drop her tushy, she almost hurt me
Let me get this nut off before the opps could murk me
Could be cops or surgery
Could be disease, could be bitchin', itchin'
Could be fuckin' fleas, my decision, Spanish cheese
Spread it, get it back, snap, cheddar Jack, pat
I'ma get 'em right back, bitch
Meet me on the other side
My only regret is that my mother cried
And my chick too, I shit you
Not, there will be another kid to take my spot
Is it too early for me? Will there be a jury for me?
Have you heard me Lordy? Worried you ain't heard my story
Will it be late at night or in the early morning?
Either way, slurpin' forties out in purgatory

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