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why don't we - 8 Letters

[Verse 1: Jonah Marais]
You know me the best
You know my worst, see me hurt, but you don't judge
That, right there, is the scariest feeling
Opening and closing up again
I've been hurt so I don't trust
Now here we are, staring at the ceiling

[Pre-Chorus: Zach Herron]
I've said those words before but it was a lie
And you deserve to hear them a thousand times

[Chorus: Jack Avery & Corbyn Besson]
If all it is is eight letters
Why is it so hard to say?
If all it is is eight letters
Why am I in my own way?
Why do I pull you close
And then ask you for space
If all it is is eight letters
Why is it so hard to say?

[Verse 2: Daniel Seavey]
Isn't it amazing
How almost every line
On our hands align
When your hand's in mine
It's like I'm whole again
Isn't that a sign?
I should speak my mind

On “8 Letters,” Why Don’t We talk about a phrase containing eight letters, which was later confirmed as the phrase “I love you”. The song serves as the third single and title track from Why Don’t We’s debut album. The track became the band’s first to hit one-hundred million streams on Spotify, and did so on April 7th 2019. Just a month later, the track also became their first single to be certified gold by the RIAA – moving over 500,000 units within nine months. The song is about being scared of falling in love with someone new, trusting them, and finally saying those eight letters despite previous heartbreak. The song shares a similar meaning with a previous Why Don’t We song, “Runner”, albeit being told from the opposite perspective. "I remember we were in this writing camp. We literally probably made 70 songs there. It was actually lunchtime, and I finished eating early as I usually do. I went into studio C or something like that. There were these writers, they had that synth thing going, and starting to come up with lyrics and stuff, and I remember I ran over to Daniel, and I was like “Yo, they have like some crazy stuff going on in studio C, you got to come over”, we went and just sat in there, on the session, and just helped out. Because there would be days, we’d have like 5 studios going every day, so there’d be days some of us would be in 1 studio, some of us would be in the next studio. So, we were all working on something crazy, we’re like “yo, come in here.”" "They were coming up with ideas like every single second. And they are so fresh. It was cool too, I mean, some writers, you go in, and they’re very independent, like they are doing their thing, and they have a way of doing it on their own, and that’s cool, you still want them to come and bring their ideas. But these guys are so cool because we would just come into the session, and they would totally be open to us adding ideas, or just coming in and listening, and like, so I don’t know, they were really chill guys, we could just hang with them. Johnny is just the freshest man on this earth. He has a different mind. He’s a really chill guy, and it was cool, because he would kinda really take life experiences and start ranting about them, and out of nowhere, a lyric would pop up from this rant he just did. And the Monsters have a really dope name. They would just take music a lot of places you wouldn’t expect it to go, like you would hear this, and that’s what a lot of people would hear, and then The Monsters would be like, we’re the Monsters, and it’d interesting to see where they would take it. I think this is a deeper song than we’ve ever really put out before. We’re tapping into some real emotional stuff. It was so, like, crazy to be working with the people we got to work with on this song, because we dreamt of working with them. It was super cool."