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twikipedia - gossip


[Verse 1]
You was always talking bout me but I don't know why
I think this beefing shit is stupid, I'ma put that shit aside
Gotta make it on my own because they switch up on the side
Shots to his dome we gon' make him pay the motherfucking price
Think I'm printing money now I feel like a machine
Sonic, that's the way I'm counting rings
Gotta stop it, boy, you living in your dreams
Keep that toolie on me like a fucking wedding ring
Batman, I just copped some Robins
Everybody look at me they wonder what I'm copping
And you know I gotta flash, I'm not talking bout the bop it
Always acting street you know that you gotta stop it
Stop it, you in it for profit
Talk about me, gossip
Keep my name outside your mouth
I heard you talking 'bout me all up in my comments
Custom clothes like Blotnik, I need you to lock it
In my bank I deposit
I see that you rocking out of fashion

[Verse 2]
Hot Topic
Switching up the topic I hit the road
I don't need a password I crack the fucking code
Diamonds (Del-Del—) diamonds in my body catch a cold
You can't keep the pace you're too slow
Fuck outta my face not my bro
Shoutout Dante Red, he the goat
Heard he talking shit gotta go go go go
You been making music never blow blow blow blow
Heard they always talking they be always talking shit
Even though they keep on talking, they be never making hits
Got the sniper wit the scope, that shit aiming at your ****
You don't gotta send the addy, we can find out where you live

Go, go, go, go, go, go, glow, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go
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Three bands on me
I'm on final level while you still up in the lobby
You was talking tough on twitter but you fold like origami
I got too many bands, I got too many on me

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