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twikipedia - again

[Part I]

O programa a seguir é livre para todos os públicos
Are you stuck in yesterday?

[Verse 1]
Used to be the main one, 'til they turned me to a sidekick
Can you really tell the future or were you just lying again?
It's been years since I first talked to you, so are we still friends?
You were acting like I couldn't use my eyes through the lens
Wer-W-W-Were you sabotaging all my plans?
I-I-I-I've been walking hours in the sand
I've been way too long without a stance
I can't tell the clones apart from fans
And it's fuck you today, and if I wake up tomorrow, then that means that I'm okay
I don't even feel betrayed, can you tell that I'm insane?
If I'm walking through the sidelines, then you better leave my way
I watched the rain fall through my window, i-it was better than before
I fell out with all my day ones, now they never take my word
It's a double sided sword, did you get what you wanted?
I forgot what I wanted, but I got it on torrent

Just like fuck it, I can't see it, not the first time that I lead it
If I don't get my props, I'm gonna leave it
Hate it, and I hate you, I don't need it
Stop it, I don't wanna have to go repeat it
Do it all the time, but I don't even want it
Did you like me better when I wasn't myself?
You want me to fix something that isn't broken
When I think about it, I get so overwhelmed

Sometimes, I can tell the breaker that I crossed the line
If you don't forgive me, gotta say it's fine
I can go another day without my shine, it's alright
I can feel it through my spine
I thought of another option
How about we just be honest?

[Verse 2]
I can't tell the situation that I got through my head
When I left my shit behind and then you found out I'm dead
I don't wanna be your friend, but you can always pretend
I'll remember all the visits that you couldn't attend
Get that shit through your head, I-I-I do not wanna talk
And you say that that's okay, when you were never involved
They gon' bring up all that shit that I don't do anymore
If you never wanna talk, then that means that you got bored
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For someone that moves in silence, I'ma say you talk a lot
How does it feel? You got zeros in your squad
That shit's not real, I still took it to my heart
I was picking out the flowers, do they love me, do they not?
I-I-I-I'm the starter, I'm default
And if I hate you, it's my fault
Because I'm always wrong, that means you're always right
And nothing that I do will be enough to apologize
You're looking through my eyes, you're looking at my soul
I came this far without one night up in a studio
You're looking at my face, I'm looking at it back
You think of death, and that's enough to give you heart attacks
But I saw death up close
And all the fiction makes you think that there would be a ghost
Would you still die for those that wouldn't die for you?
And if this life is just a game, I'm not afraid to lose

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