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ritt momney - Wormwood

It's been two years since
The last time I cried
I was gone with my friends when my grandmother died
And her youngest son called me
Tears fell from my phone
She planted a garden
And raised him beside it
He played in the soil as his mother's sunlight hit
His face and the flowers
Now they've wilted away
If you get impatient like an angry father
And decide that you want me, decide that you want her
Just come through the front door
Look me in the eyes
I heard that in Heaven bad things don't exist
But I heard the same thing goes for non-existence
So whichever one takes us
We're better off there

And I thought I heard you say
There were no losers, only winners
That's my mistake
But if I'm already a sinner, I might as well
Kill everyone who's ever told me I needed Hell
Don't offer me something I'm able to give myself
While you're up busy being stable, I'll clear the shelves
And all the seats around my table have cleared themselves
My friends are gone, but just for right now
At least I will forget them all eventually

For one who's all-loving
You turned on me quickly
The moment I left you, you turned them against me
In the name of what's right
As if they could know
This imperfect path for these imperfect people
Where you go, they follow
The fire or the steeple
But you never lead them
You simply commandYou might also like