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ritt momney - Lew's Lullaby

Tears fill up my head
We can’t stay on this bed forever

But I sort of thought
When I left your room
You'd come running out
Say I left too soon
But it's 5 am
You should get some sleep
See you in a year
Maybe two or three
Off to college today
My first school without friends
Here’s my chance to start new
Here’s my chance to pretend
That I'm not quite as sad
As my music lets on
And I'm not quite as madly
In love with someone

Who lives oceans away
I could swim if she wanted
But she thinks it’d be best
If we both just moved on
That's not something she’d say
If she hadn’t already
I need something to break
Someone to keep me steady

I pick myself up off another floor now
Set my head upon my neck again
Guess I'll give the world another chance to end
I'll give the world another chance to show me why it probably should
And I saw plenty good
But that was long before you left me here alone
That was long before they set me free to roam
And now I think that maybe if I’d stayed at home
I’d still have a brain that’s not depression-prone
It’s weighed me down since you turned it to stone
I’ll leave it here on the side of the road
One wants not for that of which one does not know
If I lose my mind I'll lose the thought of you
And that's the only option you've left me to choose

I’ll stay out of my mind (x14)You might also like