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redzed - Rave in the Grave

One, two, one, two
One, two, one, two

[Verse 1]
Yo, punk-ass bitch, sit down, shut your mouth
I'm the cemetery killer coming right from the south
Bitch, I lay by the crypt, bitch, I'm so underground
I've been searching for the peace, now I know, can't be found
So I pull up with the gun with the «click-clack-pow» in your face
And my teeth, they're yellow from the cig smoke days
Bitch, I creep through the town, covered up in haze
And I'm up to my neck with the shit you say

We are caught up in our lies
You can't escape this time
They eat you from the inside (It's right)

[Verse 2]
I be that twisted motherfucker, see me underneath the bed
Bitch, I'm always undercover, I'm the loony, psychopath
Put the dick inside your mother, then I suffocate your dad
'Cause I like the feel of violence, I'm another face of death

I grab your bitch by the throat and I feed her the semen
Now you know you should not fuck with the demon
I grab your bitch by the throat and I feed her the semen
Blade to the neck, bitch, I don't need a reason

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