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prince daddy and the hyena - Dialogue

[Verse 1]
I know your friends probably wouldn't like me much
Too bad I don't give a fuck
I don't have a lot to offer
I can stay here a while longer
Nothing against your judgmental entourage
But boy, aren't they a rowdy bunch?
I can tell by the way your mouth moves
You don't wanna do the drugs that they do now

[Verse 2]
How 'bout we give it a rest, kid?
I heard enough of your talking
I know you get a bit restless
But it can wait 'til the morning
You know you're not stuck for good, right?
Even if that's what it feels like
You're just a little bit nervous
I learned that one in a past life
Let's go

[Verse 3]
It can wait until tomorrow
I'm done with feeling crazy
I won't be the big tornado
That takes me from my family
Just click those heels together gently
All it takes is three
I'll be on your right shoulder whenever
You call for me
You might also like[Verse 4]
Things aren't all that bad right now
But gravity's bringing me down
Well, I don't think no less of you
'Cause I've got nights like these nights, too

We'll ride this out

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