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lil tjay - Resume

Lil TJay

[Verse 1]
I pop out in all new designer
Smellin' like Dolce Gabbana
Rollin' up marijuana
Ya bitch had me "Como te llamas?"
Ya bitch, she ain't really a fronter (Ooh)
Know I could fuck if I wanna
I might just tell her I love her
I might just fuck her and dub her
Last bitch I hit with a rubber (Ooh)
I couldn't bust on her covers
Had too much respect for her mother
Ain't wanna lay hands on her brother
Flexin', she all on my huevos (Ooh)
I just be chasin' these pesos
Told her I ain't tryna fuck now
She said, "I'll still give you head though"
So we went to go get a bottle (Ooh)
She said Ceretto Moscato
Chillin', I'm all at her mouth wit' it
I bust a nut and she swallowed

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