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lil tjay - One Take

Lil Tjay

[Verse 1]
I got a plan to run up some bands
You tell me I can't, I tell you, I am
Free all my brothers that's stuck in the can
Glizzy on me, .38, it won't jam
Opp pack, I can make you a strand
Free Mark, he went dumb off a Xan'
Fake jeans, that shit come from Japan
I be flexing, you can look at my 'Gram
Bitches see me and they know who I am
Lil Tjay, oh my God, I'm a fan
Lil Tjay, oh my God, I'm the man
I remember I was whippin' the pan
Wasn't right, but I did what I can
Fuck it, though, 'cause I'm just livin' my life
Remember times when the day wasn't bright
Half a pint up in a two-liter Sprite
I'ma make sure all my niggas aight
Commissary and I'm shippin' out kites
Takin' off, 'bout to book me a flight
Diamonds dancin' in the middle of night
Fire bitches started bein' polite
I remember when I wasn't they type
Now they figure I can better they life
I ain't listenin' to niggas' advice
Unless I feel what you tellin' me right
Fuck tomorrow, I'ma ball for tonight
I got potential to ball like I'm Mike
VVS diamonds, no regular ice
Heard a mistake when they see me on sight
Bitch, all that talkin' endanger your life
I keep a strap, Lil Tjay a dyke
Bread on my head, I could double the price, nigga

On “One Take,“ the lead track off of True 2 Myself, Lil Tjay raps about his newfound fame and the repercussions that came along with it. Tjay uses references to expensive clothing and weaponry to flex his newfound fame, whilst also reminiscing about his life prior to his fame and wealth. The piano-filled beat for the track was smoothly produced and handled by first-time collaborator of Tjay’s, ZiggyOnTheKeyboard. Tjay also performed this track live at Genius' Open Mic studios on October 15, 2019, four days after the track’s official release.

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