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lil tjay - Leaked

Woah, yeah
Lil Tjay
So I'm skrrting off the scene in a foreign, see me goin' (Ooh)
Me and YG up in Cali smoking GT out the bong (Oh)
Shawty pulled up in a thong, I don't know what she on
If she ask to spend the night then I might give her what she want
(Dystinkt Beats)

[Verse 1]
Everything is going Gucci, see me Lou V
I can't let a nigga shoot me, I'm in a two seat
And before I speak about it, rather grab a loose leaf
Thirty clip of the dip, and I'm in a hoopty
And we spin the opp block with a mini Uzi
Had to send a couple shots, I been acting bougie
All the sudden all these thots let me in they coochie
They gon' make they pussy pop tryna get my blue cheese
Low-key I be in the streets tryna OD
Low-key 'cause the industry, I'm not the old me
Low-key started peeping niggas not my homies
Phony nigga ate that shit like macaroni
And I remember last year niggas went to Coney
Never thought that this year I'd have a deal with Sony
Lil TJay SB, I'm the one and only
And I just came home and everybody know me
If you want another G.O.A.T., guess you gotta clone me
Quit talkin' 'bout some loyalty you never showed me
Nigga, I don't owe you like you never owed me
Once I got a little clout, everybody know me
And we never had to prove this, we really do this
You was never in the field, you was on your school shit
Now my energy is boosted, my mind exuded
They gon' make a nigga lose it, they acting stupid
I got up out my Birkin, it's workin'
She said she a virgin, it's hurtin'
But she ain't never show me love when my pockets hurtin'
Now she see a nigga on, she fucking and slurping
And they see me puttin' on and it got them nervous
We don't never need to ball, I did it on purpose
And I used to play the block with the fiends, got some knots in my jeans
If a nigga talk hot, we gon' pop for his bean (Nah-nah)
I'm coming strong and they knew that
You ain't no competition, boy, don't think you wanna do that (I'm like)
You had your chance, but you blew that (Lil Tjay)
Everybody asking who that? (Oh, no, no, no, no)
The fuck going on?
Someone in my circle started leaking all my songs
I'ma stay ten toes, I'ma still go strong
I don't get these snake niggas, we just can't get along

On “Leaked,“ Lil Tjay raps an upbeat track on his newfound lifestyle. Dropping references to expensive brands, girls, and foreign cars, Tjay boasts about his fame and how he’s changed since his younger days. He reminisces on his life with crime prior to music, and how it’s changed his life for the better. On December 12, 2019, “Leaked“ was certified gold by the RIAA.

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