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lil tjay - Hold On

JD On Tha Track
Lil Tjay

I think it's time to shine, I've been waitin' so long
Broski servin' time, he been gone for so long
And I promise I'ma do this shit for us, just hold on
Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on
In the telly sippin' Henny and I got my robe on
And they know I'm throwin' bullets, tell the opps to go long
They weren't ready for that last year, told us, "Hold on"
Bro gone, ain't no chill button, we gon' go strong

[Verse 1]
Hoppin' out, I got a MAC
Hit and do the dash, celebrate and laugh (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I ain't want for all this to get physical
Don't get left where they gotta come visit you
Gang, gang, call 'em out to extort you (Skrrt, skrrt)
Little more than one eighty, the Porsche do
Tjay shining 'cause I can afford to
I'm a stain, so I gotta' move cautious
Happy I'm livin' the life I was given
Now we ain't shakin', don't think that I'm slippin'
I pull up, I'm grippin', still makin' my chicken
You mad? My bad, Lil Tjay ain't trippin'
And they mad 'cause I'm stackin' my knots
And fuckin' they thots, yes, I'm still puttin' on for the block
Still on my way to the top
And I'm still here to prove, 'cause my hunger ain't never gon' stop
Trauma that's fucked with my mind
Ain't wastin' no time, I'm focused on betterin' mine
Bullets gon' wet up your spine
Throwin' shots from behind, Lil Tjay you one of a kind
It's the reason I gotta go off
Take your moms out the hood, it don't matter the cost
Seventeen, life is short, but I'm rich and a boss (Yeah, yeah)
See, the haters is mad 'cause they hate how I floss (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

On “Hold On,“ Bronx rapper Lil Tjay dives deep into his rise to fame and reminisces about struggles on the pathway to the top. He tells his close ones to simply “hold on“ while he tries to reach his full potential. On February 10th, 2020, “Hold On“ was certified gold by the RIAA.

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