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lil skies - i

One time just a little bit, I
Go 'head, O
One time just a little bit, I
One time just a little bit, I
I, I
Danny, I see you

I, I, I don't wanna get close
I haven't been the same since I loved that ho
I haven't been the same since I lost my bro
I say I'm gonna change when I know I won't
I get high, I love to smoke
She gon' lie like I'm a joke
You wanna take flights across the coast
Remember those times, no horoscope

[Verse 1]
Life goes on, I can't take breaks
I need face, no, I need faith
In my mind, I can't escape
I climb these heights like I'm an ape
Shine so bright in a world so dark
Break the bank, I'ma break the chart
Two door coupe, just push to start
Climb right in, let me break your heart

“i” is the intro track to Lil Skies 2019 album "Shelby". The track reminisces on Skies past experiences with love and personal struggles among other memories. It has been known that Skies has had a lot of trouble dealing with depression, and has always expressed how he copes by smoking marijuana, which he frequently mentions in his music how he is “Never Sober.” "The inspiration is just me, is where I go to, life. I would say life, that’s it. Just life situations. Real things in life. I was trying to touch people and get them somethin' to relate to and be real with my fans. Relationship problems, life’s depression, everything. And me, I just wanted to be real myself in this song. Like me talking to myself pretty much in this song. I didn’t know that was going to be the first track on my album, but when I did it, and I was working on the album, I was just feeling that this gotta be the first track."

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