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kiLLa Laharl - Ghost Monkeys

Change of weather
Bitch I’m switching lanes and swerving like Senna
I got them black boots coated see the blood on my leather
You see the switchblade shiver in terror see you never
I got a glass of red wine smiling devil in nether
I told them it was all a dream lives come and go
She asked me have I ever did it bitch I never before
In the midnight by the streetlight see your dead body show
I’m on a cliff by the coast bitch don’t step in my zonе
I’m in a coma broken bones why you still wanna see
Every timе when you high why you thinking of me
By the gate corpses coming back from the scene
I’m always in a space I don’t even know where I been ay

Take me away from the northern lights 
Spending a day by my cell tonight 
Take me away from the coast tonight 
Changing the way that my blood run dryYou might also like

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