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ilyTOMMY - Tunnel of Love


[Chorus: ​ilyTOMMY]
Okay, like criss-cross applesauce, lil' baby, caress me
I been doin' all this shit, just hopin' that you impress me
When I level up, girl, I'll buy you diamonds and jet skis
And your girlfriend, that might be the one that I'm testing
You my angel, girl, I think you come from above
My diamonds glisten, shinin' in the tunnel of love
And now we kissin', girl, I think your tongue is so fun
Play Mac DeMarco, now we chillin' under the sun

[Verse: Savage Ga$p]
I said like, ayy, yeah, I just came from under the sun
And then I'm in love and I been frontin' that it's just for the summer
And I been ditchin' other bitches 'cause you all that I wanted
And I'll be here for you, lil' baby, let's turn nothin' to somethin', you know, huh
Bumpin' Mac DeMarco, you perfect, you know? Huh
I just wanna love you, I'm learnin', you know, hey
I been on the road and it's showin'
But I'm still goin' to keep holdin' onto somethin', I know you know
You got that one-two dance when I got you in my hand
And I hope you know I love you, and I'm comin' for your mans
And I know you know it's hard that I been leaving you again
But we'll always be together, you my Darling in the Franxx
Ayy, I said like, I don't say a lot, but there's a lot to say
And I don't play a lot, so why you got to play?
And you could be my summer, be my brightest day
And know I promise I'll come back, you know I'll find a way

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