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[Hook: iLoveMakonnen]
All my shit is stupid, this shit is fluid
Put them girls on LSD liquid they like, "Ooh shit"

[Intro: iLoveMakonnen]
Yeah... Ay...  Yeah
Got damn it, what's up?
These little niggas don't
I could go over there and drop the price on a show

[Verse: iLoveMakonnen]
I be still selling out from the north to the south
And I be still selling wet from the east to the west
I ain't still no ruckin rookie
Boy I feel like a vet
I had to take a bitch down
Boy I feel like a vet
So I floss and I swerve on em
Toss and, toss and turv on em
Whipping in the kitchen all night don't burn on em
Check that oven check them pots
Check that steel, its what you got
Michael Vick, coming back
Ooh, need a running back
Cuz all my shit is stupid, this shit is fluid
Put them girls on LSD liquid they like "Ooh shit"
Oh shit, he that new shit, everybody do this
I'm out in Beverly Hills, same house that they shot Clueless
Smoking on some new shit, damn how he do that
Baby check my wrist game wor-worked into a new whip
I flow all night, like the mississippi river
I fuck around and do you how they did us
But now I don't play no games
Boy you know my last name
Call me Mr. Sheriff, but you see me out here sharing though
Cuz these niggas too motherfuckin god damn greedy
I spend most my time giving to the needy
Oh he so weedy, he smell like a pimp
I got purple kush and black purple bleary by the poundYou might also like

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