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guccihighwaters - oh fuck i'm drunk

All this alcohol does is just dull my creativity
But when I'm sober, feel my pain just much more vividly
And when I'm with you, satisfaction, like some symmetry
You always crossing my mind like I was in the streets

I'm fucking shaking again
She said "I get that"
(Holy shit)
I love how she's so understanding
Oh fuck, I'm drunk
I don't think she understands me
It's okay, I'll just shut up and go to plan b

Wait, what was plan b?
'Cause I forgot that
Inspiration, yeah, you know I fuckin' lost that
(Your heart)
Oh yeah, I fuckin' broke that
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry
Life's too short
And everything kills you
You annoy me, bitch
Don't ask me if I feel you
What's with this petty shit?
Just hit my phone now
Home alone, alcohol in my dome now

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