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fun. - Benson Hedges

Holy ghosts
When do you come out to play?
'Cause if the Lord is gonna find me
He'd better start looking today

[Verse 1]
Last week my baby hit the slopes
I spent the weekend setting traps in the road
I should have been cutting out my eyelids
You'll never guess what baby did when she got home
Na na na na
Now at least the birds are singing to me
But what they're trying to say
I don't know

(You're beautiful)
I think they come from the cold
(For all your big mistakes)
I think they come from the cold
(You stayed the same)
To the city that doesn't snow

[Verse 2]
So I drove until we both broke down
I was stranded in a border town
Believing the motel TV would bring me to safety
But between MTV and Mr. O'Reilly
I've come to find, that I can't be defined
So I turned it off, now convinced I would cross
Took one last look at the gold
As it shattered on a mountaintop

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