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fun. - Barlights

[Verse 1]
Never in all my life
Have I seen eyes as empty as
These streets of my city on a Saturday night
But the green of your eyes say go
Leave it all behind
But I don't need to be reminded a change is gonna come
I can feel it on the tip of your tongue
And I feel alive, feel alive

We met up once we settled the sun
Between the heat and the work week
The fear is we could use some sleep
But sleep to the superfluous man means better use for beds
And I'll bet I'm coming home alone tonight
I don't need to be reminded that this is how it was
I moved on, I passed a billboard down my block
It asked if I had enough, and aloud I'll say "I had too much"
When the truth is, I'm just getting started

Now all the barlights are blinking in time
To Mexican music it's taunting the pavement
And I feel alive, I feel alive
I feel alive

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