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fraxiom - kingston MBTA commuter rail station summer 2017

(Verse 1)
I never meant to hurt nobody before you so
Thanks for showing me what evil I could do
With my bag in the hall
And my back on the wall
'Cause I’m too scared to sleep in my bedroom
You never meant to hurt nobody, even me, so
Thanks for this new memory of how not to be
At the cost of the sound
Of you being around
I’ll try not to forget what you sound like
Oh trust me, I’ve been sober like a whole damn week now
Hasn’t been too hard except a couple freakouts
'Cause the eyes are on me
Can they tell I'm a freak?
And that I could’ve treated you fairly

(Bridge: Fraxiom and (unknown vocaloid?))
Oh I know (I know)
I wish this would not happen
But i cannot control it
Just be my friend-

I’ll guilt myself for buying food and things i need to
Live and make the music that i want to see
I’m washed, up i’m a mess
Look like shit in a dress
And of course, it’s the one that you gave me
You might as well be reaching out to poison ivy
Making all my friends too scared to stand behind me
I’m unpredictable in the way that’s not cool
In a way that you can call me crazy

Will you be my friend
Or i will forget you
All these memories we shared
Will be gone too
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