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fraxiom - it breaks my brain

And it breaks my brain
You don't see the error in your selfish ways
Yelling at me, throwing shit for the display
You don't know my ego or my damn first name
Pack my shit right up in my broken suitcase
Maybe I'll be good to talk to people in a few days
When the smoke clears up and nobody says "Hey"
Guess I'm in the bed I made when I had asked for space

But I didn't mean out of the galaxy
I just went to the moon to level out, you see
Then had to go back home, where no one's proud of me
Because thеy'd never guess that I would sprout to bе

A mantra dick who contradicts everything I say
Hope my enemies found peace
And former friends all found their way
If you knew me now you don't
You dodged a bullet I would say
Sorry but I'm not at all ashamed for pushing me away

'Cause I don't even know the extent of my harm
When you want me to smile when I'm dead in your arms
I'm just practicing for what I see in my dreams
Thought that I was gonna change the world but now it's changing me
You might also likeI just want someone to grab my shit and tell me how to live
And I was a bit excited that you were the catalyst
I just want someone to grab me, tell me everything's okay
So I can't pick up where all their words for what was time to say
And attack back 'cause compliments feel like attacks when you don't trust that
You're gonna make 'em happy back I wanna bust that

That stupid look right off your face
The one that tells me I'm alright and everything's okay
Who the fuck do you think that you are?
Making me promise to eat, take my meds, be a star
Moved six times last year so how can I not feel alone
In a place where I can actually rest, build a home

Like I'm putting up condemned signs
I don't like the pressure and the deadlines
Wanna chase the high of making headlines
I just need to recover give me more time
Said I just need to recover give me more time
Give me more time
Give me more time
Give me more time
Give me more time
Give me more time
I don't know how long it will take
Sorry no release date for the day I fix my brain
I just hope you'll be patient for me
Was my hard work all worth?
I guess I'll have to see
In the meantime I just hope you'll keep waiting for me

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