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fraxiom - dox me again i'm bored

Yeah, tonight I bring 'em out
Got these people in the crowd
And you cannot tell the number like a domino upside down
This just in, stop the presses, cut the track
Big day for annoying people, Fraxiom's back!

[Verse 1]
And this time if you got shit to talk, do it on main
'Cause this year I won't stop
Until you put your hands on me
That's a challenge, not a threat
Say you'll hurt me and I'm like "bet"
You already got my IP, so come out here, let's have sex
Way you talk about me reeks of lust
So obsessive, it's way too much
I hate incels, I hate femcels
Said "to hell with that whole bunch"
Post a selfie, look like stem cell
You're so ugly it makes you cry
Because my hottie tranny body
Won't slow down for your months-old lies
Bitch, get at me
[Verse 2]
At least "at" me
I'm so tired of this that I might tweet my addy
Going sober, so I can't even smoke a fatty 'bout it
I'm down bad but you're never gonna catch me pouting
Unless it's on a beat
Look, I stay on the beat
You pretend to hate me, the failure of a wannabe
Eyes are bulging like you notice
Like an iguana be
I'm on a stage and now everybody want a piece

[Verse 3]
So this time if you got flak to give, give it all up
For the Fraxiom Music Show
'Cause I'm like a whole circus in one bitch
Call me Jet the Hawk
'Cause once I start up, you cannot outrun this
Know you'd have me dead and gone if the stars just gave you one wish
If I could change one thing, I would overcome this:
Consideration for the humanity of my opponents
I feel like Makonnen 'cause I'm fucking gay
And I set my alarm clock to that Bangarang!

I go Dr. Doofenshmirtz, MrBeast, Eiffel Tower
You're nihilistic, it hurts
You look ugly, take a shower
Uh, fuck
Welcome, one and all, to the Fraxiom Music Show!
The- woow!
The- woow!
The- wooo-
-hS cisuM moixarF eht ot ,lla...You might also like

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