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fraxiom - all i want

(Oh shit)
I don't wanna sound corny
Like Machine Gun Kelly, Joyner Lucas, Logic, Russ, and Eminem all at once
But did you know
Depression and anxiety causes memory loss and my memories back all I want
I'm not tryna be a shortstack, all I want
My fucking music career back, all I want
I just wanna make ends meet till my life ends
That’s all I want
That’s all I want
[Verse 1]
I wanna FaceTime
You without hesitating that you’re too good now
You rolling with these big dogs I never could now
I gotta figure it out
They know me tongue-in-cheek but I think its time to spit the dick out my mouth and get my shit together, see the sun despite the weather
Why you bitching at me Total Drama Island Heather
I send you to the nether
And now I wish we never met (Shoutout CMTEN)
You’re too upset

I don’t wanna sound petty
But I think that I deserve a Charli follow
She tweeted my lyrics, that’s all I got
And did you know
That I didn’t put out any music last year so that someone else could come take my spot
Think I don’t deserve it well then come take my spot
Make something that sounds much better and be more hot
Stop living paycheck to paycheck so I can be less impatient, that’s All I want
That’s all I want

[Verse 2]
You don’t like the noise of steamrollers too bad 'cause I’ll never stop paving my way
Raving my way
Shaving my legs
It’s like I got a inflation kink
(Wait. What the fuck?)
The way I'm taking up space
Stickers on my face
Hatin' you a old head you need a update
We need diet coke damn I feel like BK
Not because I'm gross but 'cause I have my way, what?You might also like

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