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ericdoa - do or die (interlude)

Huh, you finally answered my call, didn't you?
Ugh, whatever
Hi, I'm Dante

I like to stare inside the camera, think that someone's watching
Red light, do or die, he afraid we caught him
You're running out of options
Black car in the dark, you know that we stalk him (Ha-ha)
Yeah, he get smoked just like some Runtz
12 gauge (Oh, hey)
Pull it back, hit 'em with the pump
Ten seconds 'til we jump
Yeah I'm with Quinn, yeah, off a pin, I told the DJ, "Turn it up"
Bitch, I do not give a fuck
If I find out who he is, I'ma throw him in my trunk (Hell nah, I'm just playing)
Guarantee that we get up
If he talk down, we sеnd a bullet to his gut
You fucked up, I'ma leavе you in the past tense
No access, I'ma treat a new boy like a has-been
I just left the store (Locked and loaded), it's ready for war
I got secrets up my sleeve, body washin' him straight to the shore
7.62 to his body, make him rip apart
Shut 'em up, I hit like a surgeon, I pick him apart
I think it's 'bout time that I wyle out
I said, "Fuck piping down, I like shit to get loud"
Off a Ox', bitch, I'm slow just like a slug
Yeah I'm smoking 'thrax, I can't even feel my lungs
Tried to poke his body, I don't think he waking up
(I dropped off the cash) I don't think that it's enoughYou might also like

eric preforms this song from his dante Red alter ego, seen in other songs such as “movinglikeazombie” and “witchcraft.” It was teased on his TikTok on September 9th, 2020

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