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blink-182 - MH 4.18.2011

[Instrumental Intro]

[Verse 1: Mark Hoppus]
Coming in, coming in, kill the radio
Silence, breakdown in L.A
Giving up, giving in to a feeling of
Violence, there's hell to pay
So let's light another match, stop living in the past
Where nobody can hear me now
Blow the lock off the cage, watch the children come of age
When their parents stop to take a bow

[Pre-Chorus: Mark Hoppus]
Nothing takes root in this barren soil, nothing takes root
In this barren soil, maybe there's no one there at all

[Chorus: Mark Hoppus]
Hold on, the worst is yet to come
Save your money for hired guns
Hold strong when everything you loved is gone
Slow down, and stop living in the shadow of a helicopter

[Verse 2: Mark Hoppus]
Line 'em up on the wall, coming out with their
Hands up, give 'em all the chair
Let it burn, let it fall, let the end of the
World come, who's left to care?

The song title comes from the file name on Mark Hoppus' computer, the MH being his initials and the numbers indicating the date. The band decided to keep the name because it sounded like a virus name

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