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blink-182 - Feeling This

I got no regret right now
(I m feeling this)
The air is so cold and numb
(I m feeling this)
Let me go in her room
(I m feeling this)
I wanna take off her clothes
(I m feeling this)
Show me the way to bed
(I m feeling this)
Show me the way you move
(I m feeling this)
Fucking is such a blur
(I m feeling this)
I love all the things you do

Fate fell short this time
Your smile fades in the summer
Place your hand in mine
I ll leave when I wanna

Where do we go from here
Turn all the lights down now
Smiling from ear to ear
(I m feeling this)
Our breathing has got too loud
(I m feeling this)
Show me the bedroom floor
(I m feeling this)
Show me the bathroom mirror
(I m feeling this)
We re taking this way too slow
(I m feeling this)
Take me away from here
(I m feeling this)

This place was never the same again
After you came and went
How can you say you meant anything different
To anyone standing alone
On the street with a cigarette
On the first night we met
Look to the past
And remember her smile
And maybe tonight
I can breathe for awhile
I m not in the seat
I think I m fallin asleep
But then all that it means is
I ll always be dreaming of you

Mark: This is the first song we wrote for the record. The flange on Travis's drums on the intro of the song was done the old school way, using two tape machines. When it came to writing the lyrics, Tom and I went into two different rooms, and he wrote the verses, and I wrote the choruses, without discussing the subject ahead of time. It turns out we both wrote about sex. Two different sides, the passionate, lustful side (verses) and the romantic side (choruses). It is also available as downloadable content on the popular music (Rhythm) Game Rock Band 2.

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