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blink-182 - All the Small Things

[Verse 1]
All the small things
True care, truth brings
I'll take one lift
Your ride, best trip
Always, I know
You'll be at my show
Watching, waiting

Say it ain't so, I will not go
Turn the lights off, carry me home

Na na, na na, na na, na na, na, na
Na na, na na, na na, na na, na, na
Na na, na na, na na, na na, na, na
Na na, na na, na na, na na, na, na

[Verse 2]
Late night, come home
Work sucks, I know
She left me roses by the stairs
Surprises let me know she cares

"All the Small Things" is a song by the rock band Blink-182. It was the second single and eighth track released from the band's third album, Enema of the State (1999). The track was composed primarily by guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge as an ode to his then girlfriend. Recorded in Los Angeles with producer Jerry Finn, the song was created with the intention of shipping it to radio, as the trio felt they needed a single "really catchy and basic." The single was released on January 18, 2000, and promptly charted worldwide, becoming a number one hit on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart, peaking at number two on the UK Singles Chart, and crossing over to pop radio and peaking at number six on the Billboard Hot 100. The song remains the band's most successful single to date, being their only song to break the Top 40. The song charted within the top 20 in ten other countries, and gained greater significance due to its accompanying music video, which parodies and mocks the boy bands Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and 'N Sync and the pop singers Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. The video was popular in rotation on MTV's Total Request Live, leading to criticism from those who felt their basis for parody was thin. "All the Small Things" was selected by Rolling Stone as one of the "100 Greatest Pop Songs", and is listed in the 2010 book 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die.

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