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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - No Smoke

My bro, my bro
That nigga my homie
Count money, fuck hoes
Make sure you get money
We laugh we joke, 'cause all the opps funny
Put that on God, man these niggas don't want no smoke
No smoke, no smoke
You niggas don't want it
I can't go, won't go, won't leave my momma lonely
No smoke, no smoke
But we die 'bout that money
No smoke, no smoke
You niggas don't want it

[Verse 1]
I heard these niggas want smoke (want smoke), they better pull up with 100
Yeah, we want all the smoke, I walk around with it on me
Draco protect me, you ain't taking nothing
Boy, you can try me, you know I'ma burn ya
Quick to come to it, we ain't never running
These niggas hating, they mad 'bout something
You know I'ma blow, I ain't never stuntin' (you know I'ma blow)
You know how I'm coming, you know what to do if you ever want it (if you ever want it)
Nigga stop all that talking you know where I'm at come and pull up on me (skrt, skrt)
I hope you don't slack, you know that I'm dumping

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