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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Hot Now

Beat Execs
Marcuss, you killin' the beat
Keep up, I like it, drive me all insane
Niggas want to test us, 45 sidekick
You can try to cuff, I let it up and bust your brain

Choppers out, many men, baow, baow
Baby girl, I need that fan 'cause I'm hot now (I need that fan)
Broke ass niggas with that playin', they get shot down (That playin')
Plenty money, bitch, come on my land, see what I got now

Get shorty on them Xans, she get to spinnin' like a lighthouse
I'm walkin' through the mall, I'm tryna figure what the hype 'bout
You dumb lil' nigga, I ain't with that talkin', you'll get piped down
Shorty tryna fuck, I told her hurry and come pull up now
She said, "Where you get your car? 'Cause I like it"
I said, "That's funny, it don't cost that much"
She said, "Why you totin' that gun? I'd rather you just fight, kid"
'Cause the day I put it down'll be the day I'm out of luck
Bitch, give me the recipe, this shit is gettin' the best of me
I need a beat through the headphones
This money, it ain't shit to me, your bitch'll dig a ditch for me
Plus he'll bat you in your shit with that chrome (Bitch, lay down)
I pulled up, jumped out, loaded, geeked
Bitch, don't come approach the heat
I'm focused, nigga, what the fuck you on? (What you on, bro?)
Two hundred thousand in the bag on me
Fortnite is the last release
They got the nerve to still be dissin' in they songs
They ain't even on

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