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Young the Giant - Something To Believe In

Hoo! Ha! Hoo!
Hoo! Ha! Hoo!

[Verse 1]
It gets old when you talk to the sun
In a tongue understood by no one
Can it be that I hear what he's saying?
Is there a reason why I'm still awake?

[Pre-Chorus 1]
And he says, "I've got you written in a black book by the railroad track. You see, I know your fate." (Ooh)
And I say, "You've got to listen; I'm a songbird with a brand new track. You underestimate." (Oh, oh, oh!)

[Chorus 1]
I'll give you something to believe in (Ah-ah ah-ah)
Burn up a basement full of demons (Oh-oh oh-oh)
Realize you're a slave to your mind, break free
Now give me something to believe in

Just give me (Ah-ah ah-ah)
Just give me something to believe in

[Verse 2]
Everyday when I speak to the moon
Pale as a ghost in the afternoon
Tragedy has a hold of my mind
But I can see the light between the lines

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