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Young Thug - What's The Move (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

[Intro: Young Thug]
I just let lil' mama suck me up, girl
Is you tryna cry in a Rolls Royce or the bus‚ girl?
I jumped off the porch and went straight up‚ girl (Straight up‚ girl)
You can leave your town and head to another world

[Pre-Chorus: Young Thug]
What the move?
I'm tired of eyein' you
I'm tired of spyin' on you
'Til the pain mines too
I made it rain on you
When it was hard to maintain too
I was playin' games with you
Like you could never play games too, woah (Yeah)

[Chorus: Young Thug]
You just gotta tell me what you want (Tell me what you want)
Louis Vuitton, diamonds‚ keep calm (Okay)
All you do is point at what you want (Point it out)
Crystal cut pointers in the charm, c'mon (Oh yeah)
Thirty-five dollars for a duff' (For a duff')
Nigga tryna buy the cash cost (Woo)
Percy Miller, brazy with the woes
Thirty-five dollars for a duff' (For a duff')
You make it twerk for me
You get a purse from me
Eighty thousand dollars for her Birkin
You get a verse for free
I make her worship me
Copy it in bursts for me
Turn to a P-I-M-P‚ I make her work for me
You don't want the bag, oh no, no, no
I make her drop it and pop it and work it on my nose
I make her shut up then suck it, she fuckin' at my shows, mmh
I make her shut up, she fuckin', she suckin' at my shows, ayy

On “What’s the Move?,” Atlanta rapper Young Thug teams up with Philadelphia star Lil Uzi Vert for the melodic banger. Lil Uzi and Thugger question the direction of the relationship and wonder what the next step is for them. Uzi specifically boasts about his expensive name-brand clothing and his designer brands, while Thugger tells his girl that she can get whatever she’d like and reflects on her physical aspects. The duo are frequent collaborators and have worked together on some of their most successful tracks to date, such as October 2015’s “Yamborghini Dream” and April 2018’s “Up.” A music video for the track was released October 11th, 2019 featuring both Thug and Uzi.

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