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“Pick Up the Phone” details Travis, Thug and Quavo’s unfortunate situation. While they all want to be faithful and stay committed to this girl, she won’t show her love in return, refusing to pick up the phone—even while she’s not busy. This song was originally played on an April 7, 2016 stop during Rihanna’s ANTi Tour, and then played again at a club a couple days after the ANTi Tour. On the weeks leading up to the release of “Pick Up the Phone,” Mike Dean previewed the song on his Periscope, where he showed himself mixing and mastering the song. The song was released June 3rd on Travis Scott’s Soundcloud, but was taken down 6 hours later. In the caption on his Soundcloud (before it was taken down), Travis stated: This song was suppose to go to iTunes but labels are making this more complicated than it actually need to be this was gona be my single but now i’m giving a way for the kids. P.S. They might take this down cause they don’t want kids to eat. Travis expressed his love for Young Thug and Quavo on Twitter while showing his frustration about the release of “Pick Up the Phone.” This is the fifth collaboration between Travis Scott and Young Thug, following Rodeo standout “Maria I’m Drunk,” the Soundcloud single “Nothing But Net,” and Days Before Rodeo’s “Skyfall” and “Mamacita.” It’s interesting to note that Scott has never featured on a Young Thug song. Scott previously collaborated with Quavo on “Oh My Dis Side” and “Sloppy Toppy,” the latter of which featured all three of the Migos.

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