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Yelawolf - Candy & Dreams

Candy and dreams are your favorite ones
Is that really what you want?
Cause I got what you want in my pocket
Hand me the keys
I'll hand you the sun
Is that really what you need?
Cause I got what you need in my rocket ship
Ladies in lines to pick from. (Four)
Yep, and I'm wondering, which one, (Three)
Whatever moves best to the kick drum. (Two)
Get me to the moon, it's this one. (One)

[Verse 1: Yelawolf]
One, two, three, feet and rising
There are five I wanted to plug one
Hey, the day in L.A.'s got soul
It's Night in Alabama do you want some sun?
So, what's a 20 minute flight pulling your boots like Napoleon Dynamite
We'll work it up while we work up an appetite
Looking at Earth from my personal satellite
Got it right
Then got left
Going up - take a breath
It's a giant leap for all mankind
But for us it's just a simple step, baby step

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